The loudspeaker is the final component in the system and should accurately reproduce the signal received from the power amplifier. Superb engineering, quality materials, solid build and attention to detail combine to make a Linn loudspeaker special.

Use a Linn speaker together with a Linn DS player to enable Space Optimisation, which optimises performance for your chosen speakers, their placement and your room’s unique characteristics.


Klimax Exakt 350

Klimax Exakt 350 takes integrated Aktiv to the next level — now the source is in the speaker.

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Klimax 350A

Klimax 350A is a fully integrated Aktiv floor-standing loudspeaker which perfectly marries performance and beauty.

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Klimax 350 Passive

Klimax 350 offers a passive option of our flagship loudspeaker, which can be driven passively or externally Exakt using Klimax Exakt Tuneboxes.

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Klimax 345

Klimax 345 is the finest bass reinforcement loudspeaker you can buy and brings deep, musical bass to your music and movies.

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Exakt Akubarik

Exakt Akubarik speakers combine integrated Aktiv technology with Exakt to put the source in the speaker.

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Exakt Akudorik

Exakt Akudorik combines the ground-breaking performance of Exakt with compact styling that will complement any room.

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Akubarik brings together Linn’s integrated Aktiv technology, 3K driver array and Isobarik bass system to deliver stunning performance from a compact and stylish design.

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Akubarik Passive

The passive version of Akubarik retains all the acoustic breakthroughs of the Aktiv version, without the integrated amplification, allowing the flexibility to build your own system.

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Akudorik Passive

A high performance bookshelf speaker in its own right, Akudorik Passive is also the ultimate upgradeable speaker with both integrated and separate Exakt upgrade options.

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Akurate 225

Unifying exceptional performance with stunning looks, Akurate 225 is a centre-channel loudspeaker for music lovers who demand the very best from multi-channel audio.

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Akurate 226

Much more just an ordinary home theatre subwoofer, experience the difference an Akurate 226 bass reinforcement loudspeaker can make to your multi-channel audio.

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Majik Isobarik

For deep bass and impeccable clarity throughout the whole frequency range, add Majik Isobarik speakers to your music system.

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Majik 140

Majik 140 is a 4-way floorstanding loudspeaker which delivers exceptional musical performance.

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Majik 109

The Linn Majik 109 bookshelf loudspeaker delivers a surprisingly big sound from a compact loudspeaker.

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Majik 112

Complete the picture with the outstanding Majik 112 centre-channel loudspeaker.

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Majik 126

Majik 126 is a compact yet powerful Aktiv bass reinforcement loudspeaker for use in stereo and multi-channel music and movie systems.

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Sneaky Unik

The Sneaky Unik loudspeaker is available in a range of configurations and can be used for front, centre and rear applications.

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Sekrit IW10 In-wall Loudspeakers

Sekrit IW10 is Linn's flagship in-wall loudspeaker, providing a serious high performance and discreet alternative to free-standing loudspeakers.

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Linn Custom 2K Range

The Linn Custom 2K range represents our highest performance custom loudspeakers produced to date.

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Diskreet is a compact and versatile multi-purpose loudspeaker for in-wall or in-ceiling use.

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The Linn Sweetspot loudspeaker is an ultra-compact in-wall or in-ceiling loudspeaker for indoor or outdoor use.

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Sekrit BR-27

Sekrit BR-27 is a discreet in-wall bass reinforcement loudspeaker for use in stereo and multi-channel music and movie systems.

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