Akurate 225

A superbly engineered full-range centre-channel loudspeaker, Akurate 225 combines advanced technologies and high-quality materials in a simple, elegant design for exceptional multi-channel playback of music and movies.

Akurate 225 features Linn’s unique 3K Driver Array technology, a beautifully machined die-cast array which improves high frequency performance and ensures the same level of audio quality throughout the room.

Akurate 225 is a 5-way centre-channel loudspeaker and offers numerous performance-enhancing connection options from passive to multi-wiring and multi-amping to fully Aktiv.

Finished by hand and available in a range of stunning finishes, including high gloss and bespoke colour options, Akurate 225 has the elegance to match its performance. With over 200 colour options available, you'll find the right one to match your décor.

For a full 5.1 or surround sound experience for movies and multi-channel audio, partner your Akurate 225 with any of the other Akurate loudspeakers in the range.

Akurate 225