Akurate 226

A superbly engineered bass reinforcement loudspeaker, Akurate 226 combines advanced technologies and high-quality materials in a simple, elegant design for exceptional low frequency reproduction.

Akurate 226 is a fully integrated Aktiv loudspeaker, with Linn's patented Chakra amplification housed within the cabinet.

The Aktiv servo-driven bass system powers the 10-inch, long-excursion drive unit. The precise motion of the drive unit is measured, compared against the original input signal, and immediately corrected to ensure that the output perfectly matches the input, resulting in an extremely accurate and musical bass performance.

Akurate 226 is a perfect complement to bookshelf loudspeakers, extending the overall bass response to give you a full-range loudspeaker system without sacrificing musicality.

Finished by hand and available in a range of stunning finishes, including high gloss and bespoke colour options, Akurate 226 has the elegance to match its performance. With over 200 colour options available, you'll find the right one to match your décor.

For a full 5.1 or surround sound experience for movies and multi-channel audio, partner your Akurate 226 with any of the other Akurate loudspeakers in the range.

Akurate 226