Sekrit IW10 In-wall Loudspeakers

Sekrit IW10 loudspeakers are perfect for rooms where only the exceptional audio performance should be on show.

A serious alternative to free-standing loudspeakers, Sekrit IW10 delivers exceptional audio performance through a combination of high quality drive units and class-leading crossover design in a compact sealed enclosure.

Combined with Sekrit DSM, Sekrit IW10 in-wall loudspeakers provide authentic specialist performance from a discreet yet powerful system, whether in a single room or as part of a multiroom set up.

Designed to be installed flush to the wall, Sekrit IW-10 can be mounted horizontally or vertically and grilles can be painted to match any decor.

The incredible flexibility of a Linn networked multi-room system means that you can build your music system around your life as your needs change. Add rooms or upgrade performance over time, improving the sound quality of individual rooms or taking advantage of the elegant styling of more visible Linn components.

Contact a Linn Specialist near you for more detailed product info or to arrange a demonstration.

Sekrit IW10 In-wall Loudspeakers