Klimax DSM

Klimax DSM integrates the outstanding streaming performance of Klimax DS with a digital and analogue pre-amp, ensuring you hear the best from any audio source connected.

Using standard analogue outputs, Klimax DSM can be connected to any power amplifier or Aktiv speaker, plus with Exakt Link connections, it’s Exakt-ready for future system upgrades.

With the ability to stream the highest quality 24-bit 192 kHz Studio Master music files, and connections for any video or audio player, you can get the most from your music collection, movies, TV, games and internet radio. Any connected digital source also benefits from Linn’s best upsampling and DAC technology.

Klimax DSM has been engineered to deliver integration without compromise. Signal paths have been reduced to a minimum by providing separate volume controls for analogue and digital sources.

The acoustic enclosure is machined from a solid billet of aluminium, ensuring maximum isolation for the circuit boards and Linn Dynamik power supply. Available in a choice of anodised silver or black, Klimax DSM has the elegance to match its performance.

Klimax DSM