Sekrit DSM

Sekrit DSM brings you all the benefits of Linn DSM in a slim and powerful package designed to be heard but not seen.

With six inputs, including three HDMI, Sekrit DSM provides all the connections you need to make every entertainment source in the home sound better. Music, movies, games, TV, radio, online sources such as Netflix, YouTube and Spotify… it even plays nicely with AirPlay.

Housed in a simple, compact package, Sekrit DSM comprises a Linn DSM player, integrated pre-amplifier and 50W cool-running Class D stereo power amplifier, letting you enjoy all your home entertainment from a completely hidden system.

Sekrit DSM can be installed alongside any Linn DS player on the network. Linn’s Songcast software lets you play the same thing in any room or something different everywhere. Share audio from the network - stored music, internet radio, or anything you can play on a PC, Mac, iPad or iPhone. You can also share audio from connected sources, such as a TV, DVD, Blu-Ray, or even a turntable, anywhere in the home.

The incredible flexibility of Linn DS Multiroom means that you can build your music system around your life as your needs change. Add rooms or upgrade performance over time, improving the sound quality of individual rooms or taking advantage of the elegant styling of more visible Linn components.

Combine Sekrit DSM with Sekrit IW10 in-wall loudspeakers for authentic specialist performance from a discreet yet powerful system.

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Sekrit DSM