Klimax Solo

Linn's highest performing power amplifier, Klimax 500 Solo is dedicated to powering one single speaker (or drive unit) for unparalleled musical performance.

Combine two Klimax Solos for truly exceptional stereo amplification or go Aktiv using individual Klimax Solos for each loudspeaker drive unit for the ultimate playback solution.

Featuring Linn's latest Dynamik power supply technology, Klimax Solo minimises interference and maximises audio quality for a simply incredible musical performance.

The stunning velvet-touch casing, perfectly machined from a single billet of aluminium, screens and protects the delicate audio signal to deliver the best sound possible.

Klimax Solo keeps the signal path as short as possible and uses an incredibly compact design for discreet placement or even wall-mounting where space is limited.

For the very best audio system available, choose Klimax Solo as part of a Linn Klimax System and experience audio perfection.

Klimax Solo Upgrade

The orginal Klimax Solo power amplifier design set a new performance standard for single speaker amplification, with an incredibly short signal path and highly innovative power supply housed within an exceptionally compact case.

With each unit precision machined from one single billet of aluminium and then hard-anodised for protection, the natural alloy grain structure gives each Klimax Solo a finish as individual as its phenomenal pitch-accurate performance.

The Solo power supply design was critical to the compact circuitry and its supreme ability to respond rapidly and precisely to the wildly-varying demands of the musical signal.

Such is the beauty and elegance of the original design, it has taken us over a decade to surpass it.

The development of the Dynamik power supply and its implementation across the Linn range gave us belief that we could apply Dynamik techniques to Klimax Solo, but it has taken several years of persistence and dedication since then to produce a Klimax Solo with such a dramatic sonic improvement.

New Klimax Solo amplifiers now feature the latest implementation of Dynamik technology, providing the following benefits:

  • Reduced emissions and susceptibility to Mains Borne Noise
  • Faster response and reduced distortion
  • Increased power supplied to amplifier stage
  • Lower noise floor

All new Klimax Solo power amplifiers now ship with the latest specification and older models can be upgraded with Dynamik.

5 Year Warranty Extension

Your Klimax Solo will automatically receive a 5 year parts and labour warranty from the date it is upgraded.

How To Upgrade

Your Klimax Solo will normally be upgraded by your Linn Specialist. Some early models of Klimax may have to return to the Linn Factory for upgrade.

Contact your Linn Specialist for further detail or to arrange a personal demonstration.

Upgrade History

Klimax Solo