Klimax Kontrol Upgrade

Upgrade your Klimax Kontrol to the latest specification and experience an epic new standard in musical reproduction.

With the implementation of a new dual mono volume control topology which separates control of the left and right channels, the new Klimax Kontrol benefits from further reduced harmonic distortion and produces an even lower noise floor than its predecessor.

Dynamik Power Supply Upgrade

All new components are now shipped with Dynamik and upgrades are available for older products. The Dynamik upgrade for Klimax Kontrol benefits from non-coherent switching and increased switching frequency, as well as reduced susceptibility to mains borne noise, reduced emissions and a lower noise floor. Why Dynamik?

How To Upgrade

Your Klimax Kontrol will normally be upgraded by your Linn Specialist but some models may require to be shipped back to the Linn Factory.

Contact your Linn Specialist for further detail or to arrange a personal demonstration.

Upgrade History

Klimax Kontrol