Linn is driven to continually improve its products and wherever possible makes these improvements available to Linn owners to upgrade their systems.


Klimax Exakt Tunebox Upgrade

With this package of Klimax Exakt DSM and Klimax Exakt Tuneboxes, you can upgrade your externally Aktiv pair of Klimax 350s, Komris, Akubariks or Akurate 242s.

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Klimax Exakt 350 Upgrade

Reach a breakthrough in performance by upgrading your Klimax or Artikulat 350s into intelligent, connected, software-upgradeable speakers with Exakt.

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Exakt Akubarik Upgrade

Convert your Akubariks to a full Akurate Exakt system with this upgrade comprising Akurate Exakt DSM and Exakt Akubarik modules.

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Klimax DS

Klimax DS to DSM With Exakt

Upgrade your Klimax DS to a Klimax DSM for increased performance from digital sources and Exakt Links to make your system ready for upgrade to Exakt.

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Aktiv Crossovers

Klimax Tunebox

Klimax Tuneboxes house bespoke analogue crossovers for your Linn speakers to run in externally Aktiv configuration.

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Aktiv Cards

Upgrade your Linn system to an Aktiv playback solution with internal Aktiv cards — for Akurate, Majik or Chakra power amplifiers.

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Power Supply


The Linn Dynamik power supply sets new benchmarks across the Linn range, redefining system performance and delivering even more value from your cherished hi-fi.

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