Launch Event: Exakt Technical Seminar

Friday 25th April 2014, 6:00pm Brussels, Belgium Stereotypes @ Stereo Types

Join us at House of Linn as Linn's Senior Acoustic Engineer, Phil Budd offers an insight into the ground-breaking technology behind our revolutionary Klimax Exakt system.

At this event you’ll discover how an Exakt system can be optimised for your room, your furnishings and your speaker location, ensuring you hear a musical performance that’s personalised just for you.

Featuring a detailed demonstration from Linn's Senior Acoustic Engineer, Phil Budd.

The Venue
Stereotypes @ Stereo Types 213 Avenue De La Couronne Brussels Belgium 1050
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11th December
Akurate Exaktbox Launch Event

Showcasing Akurate Exaktbox with Linn’s Majik 140 Loudspeakers

Launch Event - Akurate Exaktbox
Brussels, Belgium Stereotypes 19:30

Join us for the launch of Akurate Exaktbox and discover the ground-breaking performance Exakt can deliver to your current music system.

Akurate Exaktbox can be configured for any speaker, making it the essential upgrade for your separates system. Experience all the incredible benefits of Exakt technology; eliminating magnitude and phase distortion; correcting for variation between drive units; and optimising performance for your room.

Stereotypes 213 Avenue De La Couronne Brussels Belgium 1050 More information & directions