Linn Lounge: Talking Heads

Saturday 15th February 2014, 4:00pm Linda-A-Velha, Portugal Mind The Music

Hear the funky experimentalism and infectious rhythms of Talking Heads in the highest quality – on a Linn system in Studio Master. As music you can both move to and muse over, these avant-garde art rockers serve up geek pop with a cleverly self-conscious commentary.

The Venue
Mind The Music Rua Marcelino Mesquita 9 Loja 5 Linda-A-Velha Portugal 2795-134
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29th January
Exakt Akudorik Launch Event
Launch Event - Exakt Akudorik
2795-134 Linda-A-Velha, Portugal Mind The Music 19:00

Join us for the launch of our new Akurate Exakt system featuring Exakt Akudorik loudspeakers. You’ll experience the outstanding performance delivered by this stunning work of engineering beauty.

The Exakt Akudorik is the first speaker of its kind. Its innovative stand design integrates Exakt technology into a compact speaker that will look and sound great in any room; eliminating distortion, correcting for variation between drive units & optimising performance for your room.

Mind The Music Rua Marcelino Mesquita 9 Loja 5 2795-134 Linda-A-Velha Portugal More information & directions