Product Showcase: Music Streaming Made Easy

Saturday 31st May 2014, 10:00am London, England Linn Studio Kensington

It’s not just music that sounds better with a Linn Network Music Player; movies, games, TV, radio - anything you listen to at home can be played in the highest quality available. Come along to our Sweet Streams event and discover all the great things a Linn Network Music Player can do for you.

There will be sessions at 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm

The Venue
Linn Studio Kensington Loewe Galerie 237 Kensington High St London England W8 6SA
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17th September
Stevie Wonder Linn Lounge
Linn Lounge - Stevie Wonder
London, UK Linn Studio Kensington 19:00

Join us for Linn Lounge presents Stevie Wonder and hear the unique rhythms, poignant lyrics and unforgettable melodies of this true innovator in the highest quality available – on a Linn music system in Studio Master.

With labels such as child prodigy, Motown star, electronic pioneer and political activist, it’s no surprise he’s produced some of the most enduring music of the century.

Linn Studio Kensington Loewe Galerie 237 Kensington High Street London United Kingdom W8 6SA More information & directions