Exakt Overview /Correcting in Manufacture


Physical variation between parts exists in even the most accurate manufacturing processes. Exakt corrects for the tiniest variation between drive units meaning that every speaker is tailored to perform exactly as intended.

A degree of tolerance in the manufacturing process is a factor acoustic engineers normally have to accept when designing loudspeakers.

Even when two drive units are manufactured to the same specification, using the same process, there are always variations between them. Until now, there has been no way of correcting for these differences.

Now, Linn measures the electrical characteristics and response of every single drive unit before it is installed in the speaker.

Exakt corrects these inevitable variations within its digital crossover to ensure that your speaker performs exactly as our acoustic engineers intended.

Every speaker’s unique drive unit measurements are stored in the cloud so that future improvements can be delivered directly to your speaker in your home.

Phase distortion

Exakt corrects for any variation from the ideal driver output

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Exakt Systems

Exakt technology takes our Klimax and Akurate systems to another level. It eliminates magnitude and phase distortion in the crossover, corrects for drive unit variance and optimises your speakers for your home, meaning whichever Exakt system you choose, it’s personalised for you.

Klimax System


By combining the Klimax Exakt DSM digital music player with Klimax Exakt 350 speakers, the Klimax system produces the most direct connection ever made between you and the artist, setting a new benchmark in world class performance.

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Akurate – Akubarik

Akurate – Akubarik

Comprising the Akurate Exakt DSM digital music player and Exakt Akubarik floor-standing speakers, the Akurate System’s beautiful styling and exceptional sound quality will re-ignite your passion for music.

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Akurate – Akudorik

Akurate – Akudorik

Comprising Akurate Exakt DSM and Exakt Akudorik stand-mounted speakers, this elegant and compact integrated system will outperform larger and more expensive separates, without dominating your room.

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