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Exakt technology delivers a breakthrough in audio performance; the most direct connection ever made between you and the artist. It extends the lossless digital signal path further than ever before — eliminating sources of noise and distortion.

What’s wrong with the traditional analogue signal path?

Even the best analogue hi-fi systems suffer from loss at each stage of the signal’s journey. Analogue components introduce loss in two forms: noise and distortion.

Traditional Signal Path

Loss is inevitable at each analogue stage of the traditional hi-fi system

The Exakt signal path

Exakt keeps the signal digital for longer and removes several lossy analogue stages. The sources of distortion and noise that were previously present in the player, pre-amp, crossover and analogue cables have now all been eliminated.

Traditional Signal Path

Exakt keeps the signal digital right up until the last possible stage

Exakt preserves the lossless digital signal perfectly all the way from the player, right through the crossover and volume controls. The signal is only converted to analogue at the final amplification stage, where separate amplifiers are given the maximum amount of musical information to feed each drive unit.

This can be achieved using an integrated Exakt speaker (illustrated above) or using a separate Exaktbox and external amplification.

Exakt Link

In order to deliver the digital signal losslessly to the speaker, Linn developed a new protocol — Exakt Link — achieving what no existing standard could:

Accuracy of data

Accuracy of data transmission is fundamental to any data link as errors lead to inaccuracies in playback. Exakt Link has the ability to losslessly transmit 8 channels of 24-bit 192 kHz Studio Master.

Exceptionally low jitter

Jitter has long been the enemy of pitch-accurate digital music reproduction because it impacts on musical timing. Exakt eclipses even our own market-leading DS performance by delivering a level of jitter almost half that of the Klimax DS. This ensures the timing of the music as it reaches your ears is better than ever.

Extreme precision synchronisation between speakers

Linn has led the field in high precision multi-room synchronisation through the development of our Songcast protocol. Synchronising speakers in the same room requires even greater precision. Exakt Link delivers digital synchronisation so precise that the variation in timing between speakers has been measured at just 25.4 pico-seconds, the time it takes for sound to travel less than 9 millionths of a millimeter. This extreme precision ensures you hear perfect timing from your speakers.

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Exakt Systems

Exakt technology takes our Klimax and Akurate systems to another level. It eliminates magnitude and phase distortion in the crossover, corrects for drive unit variance and optimises your speakers for your home, meaning whichever Exakt system you choose, it’s personalised for you.

Klimax System


By combining the Klimax Exakt DSM digital music player with Klimax Exakt 350 speakers, the Klimax system produces the most direct connection ever made between you and the artist, setting a new benchmark in world class performance.

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Akurate – Akubarik

Akurate – Akubarik

Comprising the Akurate Exakt DSM digital music player and Exakt Akubarik floor-standing speakers, the Akurate System’s beautiful styling and exceptional sound quality will re-ignite your passion for music.

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Akurate – Akudorik

Akurate – Akudorik

Comprising Akurate Exakt DSM and Exakt Akudorik stand-mounted speakers, this elegant and compact integrated system will outperform larger and more expensive separates, without dominating your room.

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