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Exakt Upgrade for Klimax 350

Upgrade your Klimax/Artikulat speakers to Exakt

Hear the difference our revolutionary Exakt technology can make to your current Klimax or Artikulat speakers by turning them into the ultimate intelligent loudspeaker. This upgrade converts a Klimax 350A, Klimax 350 Passive or Artikulat 350/350A into a fully integrated Exakt speaker.

Consisting of a pair of Klimax Exakt 350 modules and (where needed) a new pair of measured 3K driver arrays, this upgrade brings all the benefits of Exakt to your system. The modules house the Exakt digital crossover and new improved power amplification. Simply connect the Exakt-enabled DS player of your choice, from a new Klimax Exakt DSM to an upgraded Klimax DS or DSM with Exakt Link.

  • Exakt modules for Klimax or Artikulat 350/350A
  • Produces a completely phase linear response from 350 speakers
  • Upgraded power amplification
  • Includes new measured 3K arrays (where required)