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Terms & Conditions - Technology Upgrades Promotion

  1. This offer runs from 1st July 2019 to 26th August 2019 inclusive. Only orders placed during this period for delivery no later than 31st August 2019 will qualify.

  2. Under this offer, owners of any product for which an Exakt or Katalyst upgrade is available will receive 10% off the price of the upgrade to the latest specification of their product. The upgrades eligible as part of this promotion are as follows:

    • Linn DSM upgrades:
    • Katalyst Upgrade for Klimax DSM
    • Katalyst Upgrade for Klimax DS
    • Katalyst Upgrade for Akurate DSM
    • Katalyst Upgrade for Akurate DS
    • Katalyst Upgrade for Selekt DSM (applies to individual upgrade only)

    • Exaktbox upgrades:

    • Katalyst Upgrade for Klimax Exaktbox
    • Katalyst Upgrade for Akurate Exaktbox (6 and 10 channel)
    • Katalyst Upgrade for Majik Exaktbox-I

    • Speaker upgrades:

    • Exakt & Katalyst Upgrade for Klimax 350A (includes Refurb option)
    • Exakt & Katalyst Upgrade for Akubarik (Aktiv) (includes Refurb option)
    • Exakt Dorik Upgrade Stands for Akudorik
    • Katalyst Upgrade for Klimax 350 (Exakt)
    • Katalyst Upgrade for Akubarik (Exakt)
    • Katalyst Upgrade for Akudorik (Exakt)
  3. Additionally under this offer, Linn Aktiv Systems owners can upgrade their system to Exakt by replacing the Aktiv cards or the Linn Tuneboxes with the required number of Exaktbox products and be eligible for 10% off the price of the Exaktboxes listed below – see for full list of compatible speakers and required number of Exakt channels.

    • Klimax Exaktbox (Including Klimax Tunebox Trade-in Package)
    • Akurate Exaktbox (6-channel)
    • Akurate Exaktbox (10-channel)
    • Akurate Exaktbox-I
  4. There is no limit to the number of Katalyst or Exakt upgrades that can be purchased as part of the offer.

  5. Some upgrades will be required to be carried out at the Linn factory, and so require the customer’s product to be returned to Linn by the customer’s retailer. Customer and product details including email address and serial number of the product being upgraded must be provided at the time of order.

  6. The upgrade process may involve modification to the metal casing of the customer’s original product in order to bring it up to current specification. By placing the order, the customer gives Linn consent to make any alterations necessary to convert their product to ‘current specification’.

  7. ‘Current specification’ is defined by Linn and Linn reserves the right to change that specification in order to perform the conversion or upgrade. Linn agrees to change the customer’s product’s functionality by fitting the latest specification electronics and parts. However some details of a converted product may differ from brand new stock, for example power switch location and front panel printing.

  8. The upgrade or conversion of a customer’s product may involve the removal of certain functionality, for example specific inputs or outputs. Customers can check the current specification of products at

  9. Upgraded products will receive a new 5-year warranty from the date of invoice. Full details of Linn’s 5-year warranty can be found at

  10. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount applying to the products listed in these terms.

This promotion is being run by Linn Products Ltd (‘Linn’), Glasgow Road, Waterfoot, Eaglesham, Glasgow, G76 0EQ, UK. Registered Company Number: SC 52366