Exaktbox I silver front Exaktbox I black front

Upgrading your speakers to run Exakt also means running them actively, so you'll need enough amps to dedicate a channel to every drive unit. With Exaktbox-I you can upgrade to Exakt including all the amplification you need all in one box. It's the ideal one-step Exakt upgrade.

Exaktbox-I features our high-performance Katalyst DAC Architecture allowing you even greater insight into your music.

Combining all the benefits of Exakt with 8 channels of 100 W Chakra amplification, this amazingly versatile unit is capable of upgrading any Exakt-compatible speaker, up to 4-way. Connected using Exakt Link, it's the ideal partner for a Selekt DSM: System Hub.

If your current Linn network music player doesn’t feature Exakt Link connections, please discuss upgrade options with your Linn Specialist.



Key features

  • Exakt digital crossover with 8 channels of DAC
  • Features Katalyst DAC architecture
  • 8 channels of 100W Chakra amplification
  • 2 x Exakt Link connections for connection to Exakt-ready network music player
  • 8 speaker outputs for connection of up to 4-way speakers
  • Linn Dynamik power supply

Technical Specifications

Exakt digital crossover and DAC with integrated power amplifier

Number of Channels Eight
DAC Used Katalyst
Power Amps 8 x 100W Chakra
Power Supply Linn Dynamik Switch Mode
Finishes Silver or Black
Exakt Link x2
Line Outputs
RCA Phono x6
Speaker Outputs
Banana / Binding Post x16
Width 380 mm
Height 90 mm
Depth 380 mm