How It’s Made: The Klimax DSM

Ever wondered what goes into making the world’s best streamer? Take a sneak peek inside our Glasgow factory, where every Linn product is designed and manufactured.

About the Klimax DSM

Developed with a single aim—the best musical performance possible—a Klimax Network Music Player will preserve every last musical detail. Every aspect of its design has been optimised for performance, from the class-leading electronics inside to the clamshell enclosure, machined from a solid billet of aluminium.

Now featuring our Katalyst DAC Architecture, digital sources are reproduced with greater precision than ever before, giving you greater insight into all of your music. And with transformer isolation for analogue connections, a distortion-free volume control and silent source switching, its performance as a pre-amp is second-to-none.

Book a demonstration with your local Linn Specialist and experience the difference that a Klimax DSM can make to your system.