Classical Underdogs: Rachmaninoff

In the second of our new video blog series, award-winning Linn Records pianist Al Hogarth tells us the story behind Rachmaninoff’s classical underdog: Liebeslied.

Though he is most well-known for his Piano Concerto No. 2—made famous in the film Brief Encounter—Rachmaninoff also wrote transcriptions of other composers' pieces, including Kreisler’s Liebeslied, originally written and performed for violin and piano.

Rachmaninoff reinvents this piece in his own unique and original way and you can hear a full performance of it at the end of this video.

About Alisdair Hogarth

Having made his solo debut at the age of 15 with the London Philharmonic Orchestra, Alisdair Hogarth has gone on to become a regular performer at all the major classical venues and in particular, London’s renowned Wigmore Hall. He is the director of the award-winning Prince Consort, having released several albums via Linn’s record label, receiving the prestigious Gramophone and Classic FM Editor’s Choice awards, as well as gaining the title of Best Classical Music from the Observer.

If you’d like to hear more from Alisdair Hogarth, you can listen to the Prince Consort at Linn Records.