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Our first-ever, entirely homegrown DAC

“Is this better than what’s available elsewhere?”

At Linn, nothing progresses beyond the prototype stage if it can’t answer this question with a resounding ‘Yes!’.

Designing and building our own DAC, completely from scratch, was no exception. It was only worth doing if the result would be significantly better than our previous designs utilising 3rd-party chips.

How does it sound? That’s not for us to say…though rest assured, we don’t do anything unless we can do it better than what’s available elsewhere.

Upgrade to Organik

You can now experience Organik performance across the established Klimax range; whether as part of a new system or upgrading your existing Klimax products.

Klimax DS/DSM (all variants)

“The new Organik DAC lifts a veil from the recording, bringing a more vibrant, intricate and natural sound that you can almost reach out and touch.”

- David Price, International Editor-in-Chief, StereoNET

Klimax 350 Integrated Loudspeakers

“It delivers a really precise presentation of the musical content, akin to actually being in the recording studio. Honestly, it’s just stunning.”

- Ian A., Klimax 350 Owner

Klimax Exaktbox

“It took all of two seconds to realise that this really is a monumental improvement – with more punch and involvement!”

- Glyn T., Klimax Exaktbox Owner

"The new Organik DAC is a major advance on the already excellent Katalyst. The new DAC’s myriad improvements happen at a deeper, musical level – where the innate emotion of the players is revealed in all its glory."

- David Price, International Editor-in-Chief, StereoNET

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Designed without compromise, and engineered entirely in-house, Organik is the culmination of over thirty years of digital technology expertise.

Technical Detail

There are many different types of ‘discrete’ DAC. Although simply making something ‘discrete’ does not necessarily result in high performance. The performance advantage of Organik comes from its unique combination of:

Modulation method – Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Delta-Sigma
Conversion stage – Discrete Analog Finite Impulse Response (AFIR)
Implementation – Ultra-stable power, precision clocking, and expert PCB design

When employed together, the PWM modulator and AFIR conversion stage are immune to many of the problems that affect other discrete designs — where small errors in switching times or resistor values can generate distortion.

However, in order to realise the full potential of this conversion method, great attention must also be paid to other factors such as power supply, clocking, and perhaps most importantly, the physical layout of the circuit board.

Organik uses an 8-layer circuit board, facilitating optimal delivery of power and clocks to the DAC. Power for the conversion stage is generated by a discrete regulator, and delivered using multiple internal power planes.

Clock traces are matched to within fractions of a millimetre, to ensure that every part of the DAC receives its clock at precisely the same time. All these elements work in harmony to create an analog signal with incredibly low levels of noise and distortion — far lower than anything we’ve ever achieved before.


The beating heart of next-generation Klimax DSM

With Organik DAC on-board, Klimax DSM sets a new benchmark in music streaming for the ultimate musical experience.

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