Krystal benefits from the same design principles inherent to our premium moving coil Kandid cartridge, allowing it to accurately track the minute modulations of a record groove.

Applying a similar approach to minimising mass as we took with Kandid, Krystal features a 'nude' design. The resultant decrease in inertia of the cartridge allows Krystal to react quickly to the topography of a vinyl record. It uses the triple-point mounting system for a solid connection to the tonearm headshell, while its aluminium chassis provides a lightweight, stiff and stable platform for the generator. Even the adhesive used on Krystal was painstakingly selected to provide the most rigid bond possible to avoid any dampening effects.

Krystal sits at the centre of our cartridge range, beneath Kendo. Its highly musical presentation and increased agility offers marked sonic improvements over Adikt or Koil; providing the next step of the Sondek LP12 owner's journey towards vinyl playback perfection.



Key features

  • Moving coil (MC)
  • Precision machined 7075 aluminium body
  • Triple-point mounting system
  • Nude diamond stylus

Technical Specifications

Moving coil cartridge

Stylus Type Vital Fine Line
Cantilever Aluminium tube
Armature Cross
Pin Connection Type 1.2 mm gold pin
Mounting Points 3
Coil Wire Copper
Output Voltage 0.5mV @ 5cm/s
Channel Balance at 1 kHz ±1dB
Channel Separation at 1kHz Better than 30dB
Load Resistance 50–200 Ω
Load Capacitance 100–1000 pF
Tracking Force 1.5–2.0 g
Cartridge Mass 7.0 g