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Find out how you can upgrade your network music player to the latest specification. We offer a range of upgrades for most models. Some of our older products aren't listed below, but may still be able to be fitted with the latest technology. Get in touch with a Linn Specialist today to discuss your options.

Organik DAC Upgrade

At Linn, nothing progresses beyond the prototype stage if it can’t conclusively answer one simple question positively — “is this better than what’s available elsewhere?”

Designing and building our own DAC completely from scratch was no exception. It was only worth doing if the result would be significantly better than our previous designs utilising optimised 3rd-party chips.

Organik is the culmination of over thirty years of digital technology expertise. We pioneered high-performance digital streaming in the hi-fi industry; and we’re raising the bar yet again, thanks to this paradigm shift in digital-to-analog conversion technology.

With this novel Organik DAC architecture, implementation, and realisation, we have finally completed the puzzle. Linn has achieved complete control over the entire music signal chain.

Please speak to your Linn Specialist for more details.

Available for:

  • Klimax DS (all variants)
  • Klimax DSM (all variants)
  • Klimax 350 Integrated Loudspeakers
  • Klimax Exaktbox
  • Selekt DSM (Stereo or Dual-Mono)
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Utopik Power

Utopik describes the all-new generation of exceptionally efficient and highly responsive Linn switch-mode power supplies.

Multiple feedback loops measure output versus input at each stage of the power supply, and persistently filter out mains-borne noise and eliminate 50Hz hum, even at extreme volumes.

Featuring intelligent Valley Switching, Power Factor Correction, and with precision-regulated and isolated power rails – these power supplies are our cleanest and best yet.

Utopik is now fitted as standard to Klimax DSM, all variants of Selekt DSM, and Kustom DSM. If you own an older compatible Linn product, we are pleased to say that you can replace its power supply with Utopik for one of the best value upgrades available.

Available for:

  • Klimax DSM (All Models)
  • Klimax DS (All Models)
  • Klimax System Hub (All Models)
  • Selekt DSM (All Models)
  • Akurate DSM (All Models)
  • Akurate DS (All Models)
  • Akurate Exaktbox-6 and -10
  • Kustom DSM Z4 and Z8
  • Majik DS (All Models)
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Add HDMI 2.0 compatibility

Compatibility with HDMI 2.0 was added in September 2016*, handling UHD (4K) and HDR video pass-through for compatibility with ultra-high definition video sources and displays. This specification is also compatible with HDCP 2.2 encryption, ARC (audio return channel) and CEC (consumer electronics control).

You can add HDMI 2.0 to your current DSM player with this simple upgrade, fitted by your local Linn Specialist.

Available for:

  • Klimax DSM
  • Klimax System Hub
  • Akurate DSM
  • Akurate System Hub
  • Selekt DSM
  • Majik DSM

*Introduced to Selekt DSM in April 2019

Expand to Surround Sound

Exakt-equipped Linn DSM products can function as the heart of a high-end surround sound system.

3rd-party HDMI sources with the ability to output decoded surround audio (PCM) over HMDI can be connected to Selekt DSM or Klimax DSM, for example, to achieve up to 7.1 surround sound with movies, games, and concerts – all in exquisite and immersive Linn quality.

There are many permutations of a Linn surround sound system, involving Exaktbox, Exakt integrated and/or passive speakers, and 3rd-party subwoofers. Consult your Linn specialist to discuss your upgrade route to home cinema perfection.

Applicable to:

  • Klimax DSM (2014 and later)
  • Klimax System Hub / Exakt DSM
  • Akurate DSM (2014 and later)
  • Akurate System Hub / Exakt DSM
  • Selekt DSM
  • Majik DSM (2015-2020)
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Some of our older products aren't listed above, but can still be fitted with the latest technology. Get in touch with a Linn Specialist today to discuss your options.

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