Whole Home

Fill your home with the highest quality sound.

Incredible sound. Everywhere.

Linn Whole Home lets you get closer to the music and enjoy life enriching performance in every room of your home.

Linn products bring extraordinary music to every inch of your home, no matter how you use the space thanks to over four decades of innovation, engineering and craftsmanship.

Choose the system that works best for you in each space and enjoy unrivalled Linn quality throughout. All Linn systems work seamlessly together and can be fully integrated and enjoyed within a wider Smart Home system, such as Crestron and Control4.

Seamless Control

All Linn systems work together seamlessly and can be fully integrated and controlled as part of a wider Smart Home automation system, such as Crestron or Control4, as well as the Linn App, on a device you already own.

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Freedom to choose. Freedom to grow.

No two homes are the same. So we offer three paths to better sound. Each works seamlessly with one another and with other technologies. And with Linn you have complete flexibility to upgrade and expand into other rooms in the future. Start your journey with one of our fully certified Linn Whole Home Installation Experts.

Heard, not seen.

Linn’s integrated audio solutions centre on our incredible compact rack-mountable multi-zone network music player, Kustom DSM.

Hide it in a cupboard and stream Linn quality audio to as many rooms as you need to enjoy music throughout your entire home.

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Wireless. Peerless.

For the places where cables can’t reach, Series 3 is our all-in-one wireless speaker, that sounds as beautiful as it looks. Designed to fit seamlessly anywhere in your home and provide room-filling sound from its elegant form, Series 3 will enrich everyday life with exceptional musical clarity.

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Centre stage.

Home Cinema, media room or family living space - for the most immersive and impactful listening experiences choose from our range of music systems.

From the ultimate, no-holds-barred Klimax System to the impeccable sound and style of Linn Series 5, we make sure your music always takes centre stage.

Our innovative Space Optimisation technology means you can place the speakers where you want, and still get the best possible sound.

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Partner with Linn

If you’re a Custom Installation professional and are passionate about delivering your customers the very best in whole home audio, contact us to find out more about partnering with Linn. As well as offering an unrivalled audio experience from the most flexible and reliable products, you’ll benefit from CEDIA certified training and dedicated support to help you reach a wider market.

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Book a consultation with a Linn Whole Home Installation Expert who will discuss your specific needs, offer expert advice and design the perfect solution for you.

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