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Akurate Exaktbox I Silver Front Akurate Exaktbox I Black Front

Upgrading your speakers to Exakt also means running them actively, so you'll need enough amps to dedicate a channel to every drive unit. With Akurate Exaktbox-I you can upgrade to Exakt with all the amplification you need, all in one go. It's the ideal one-box Exakt upgrade.

Akurate Exaktbox-I features the Katalyst DAC Architecture derived from our flagship Klimax range, letting you experience an even greater insight into your music.

Combining all the benefits of Exakt with 8 channels of 100 W Chakra amplification, this amazingly versatile unit is capable of upgrading any Exakt-compatible speaker, up to 4-way. Connected using Exakt Link, it's the ideal partner for Akurate DSM.

If your current Linn network music player doesn’t feature Exakt Link, please discuss upgrade options with your Linn Specialist.


Akurate Exaktbox-I

Key features

Technical Specifications

Exakt digital crossover and DAC with integrated power amplifier

Number of channels Eight
DAC Used Katalyst
Power Amps 8 x 100W Chakra
Power Supply Linn Dynamik Switch Mode
Finishes Black or Silver
Exakt Link x2
Line Outputs
RCA Phono x6
Speaker Outputs
Banana / Binding Post x16
Width 380 mm
Height 90 mm
Depth 380 mm
39.0481 -77.4728