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Black Ash

Create your own revolving masterpiece by building your Sondek LP12 from scratch. Achieving beautiful sound shouldn't mean compromising on design. Choose from a range of high quality wood finishes in standard or high gloss. You can even personalise your deck by matching to any high-gloss colour or applying a monogram - try the personalisation tool below to see just how good it could look.

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Karousel bearing

Every Sondek LP12 comes with a Karousel bearing as standard. Karousel is only the third evolution of Linn’s unique single-point bearing in almost 50 years. Its innovative take on the original design offers smoother rotation and greater stability for better sound.

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Personalise your deck


Whether it’s the colour of your favourite shirt or a shade from your best-loved album, we can match any colour you like for the perfect personalised plinth finish. Matching speakers are also available. View the deck in a variety of colours below, but don’t forget - any colour can be matched!


For a Sondek LP12 that’s truly unique to you, add a monogram - beautifully laser-etched with up to four letters of your choice*.

*available for Klimax LP12 / Keel purchases only
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