Network Music Players

Open up a world of high-performance streaming.

The beating heart of your system

Stream everything. Connect anything. Linn's network music players are flexible and future-proof. From high-res albums to movie soundtracks: it's all at your fingertips. Welcome to high-performance music streaming.

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Stream everything. Connect anything. Linn's network music players are flexible and future-proof
Control what's playing in each room from one app
Choose a different track for each room
Sound from one system can be shared with any other
Even stream your vinyl to another room
Enjoy the most immersive movie experience in stereo or surround sound

Source First

The more musical information you retrieve from the source, the better the sound. Simply adding a Linn source to your system will make it sound better.

Information lost at the source is lost forever. No matter how good the amplifiers or loudspeakers that follow, you can't get back what has already been lost, so it’s essential you put the best source possible at the front of your system.

We launched our first music streamer in 2007, turning the concept of digital music on its head. Designed from the ground up, it took music to new heights of quality, letting you hear original Studio Masters in your home.

All Linn music streamers use your standard home network. So whether you've ripped your CDs to your PC, listen to music from the cloud, use Roon’s colourful app or want to AirPlay from your iPad, we have it covered.

You can connect all your other sources too. From Blu-Ray players to turntables. They all get the benefit of Linn's expert engineering, with every last musical detail preserved.

Plus, we've designed all our network players to be upgradeable. New features, services, and even performance upgrades are available—for free.

Music in any room

Anything you play through a Linn system can be shared around your home, including Blu-ray, TV, your digital music collection or even vinyl. Play the same track in every room, perfectly synchronised together, or select a different mood for each room in your home.

The best parties may start in the kitchen but, like your music, they don’t have to stay there.

Surround Sound

A movie lives or dies by the quality of its soundtrack. It's the core of the experience. When it comes to immersing yourself in a film, sound trumps picture quality every time.

A Linn network player makes it easy to expand your system to surround sound. A flexible solution that lets you add surround speakers at the sides, as well as centre and rear to suit. And of course you can drop in subwoofers to reinforce the bass too.

Simple, uncomplicated wiring makes it easy to live with. Plus our Space Optimisation software means you can put the speakers where you want, and still get great sound.

Space Optimisation

Hear the music, not the room. Every room has its own particular sound. But with a Linn network music player your room won't have such a big say in what you hear. Space Optimisation technology removes the distorting effects of your environment, revealing the true sound of your music.

No matter what speakers you have, or how you've designed your room, you'll hear a performance that's optimised uniquely for you.

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Control it with anything

Every Linn network music player can be controlled by the things you already own. iPad or tablet. Smartphone or laptop. Even the humble remote control.

Pick your favourite device and download an app to control your system. Choose albums, browse artwork, build playlists … access your music wirelessly from any room.

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