Akubarik combines a host of ground-breaking technical developments and key technologies from our reference Klimax system - delivering a new level of performance and simplicity. Experience exceptional stereo playback from everything you listen to at home.

Akubarik is a fully integrated 5-way Aktiv loudspeaker. It features an on-board amp module cleverly mounted on the back of the loudspeaker which includes six channels of Chakra power amplification (two bridged for the isobaric bass system) and Aktiv analogue filters - all on one circuit board. Optimised for performance, this layout allows the shortest signal path, eliminating interconnections and reducing noise.

The electronics are isolated from the cabinet using a bespoke isolation mount design. A specific type of rubber was specially selected and is ‘tuned’ to precisely match the resonance of the bass port, ensuring minimal transfer of energy into the amplifier.

Powered by the latest Dynamik power supply, this loudspeaker is completely silent, offering efficient and passive cooling without the need for a fan (a chimney built into the amp module draws the warm air up and out of the amp).

Akubarik features Linn’s 3K Driver Array technology. This creates a consistent single point sound source and improves high frequency response, meaning you hear the same incredible level of detail throughout the room.

Akubarik uses an isobaric bass system, consisting of two bass drive units positioned face-to-face and housed in the base of its beautifully curved cabinet, producing lots of rich, deep bass within a surprisingly compact cabinet.

Bass output can be adjusted via dedicated bass controls concealed within the top of the amp module (3 roll-on frequencies and 7 bass shelf options), allowing for far more flexible positioning of the loudspeakers as well as optimisation for any room.

Akubarik’s gently curved cabinet is both practical and beautiful. Designed for sonic performance, the cabinet is a composite construction made up of layers of wood veneer, MDF and glue. These are steam-pressed in a mould to produce a dense, rigid and acoustically dead cabinet.

Meticulously placed internal bracing not only provides added rigidity but creates an acoustically inert enclosure with very stable mounting for the drive units. A completely sealed, large internal enclosure for the upper bass unit means that Akubarik delivers better transients and reduced distortion for an improved performance.

The curves have allowed us to cleverly house the isobaric bass system between the base of the cabinet and the solid stand, while keeping the cabinet compact. The stand is precision-machined from a block of solid aluminium to provide a stable and rigid loudspeaker base, reducing cabinet vibration and improving overall performance and musicality.

High grade real wood veneers are used through and are available in standard (Cherry, Black Ash, Rosenut, Oak, Walnut and White) or special high gloss finishes, including over 200 bespoke RAL colours to complement any living space. Akubarik can also be further personalised with a choice of chrome black finish 3K array.

With the exception of our own Klimax range, this attention to engineering detail has created the most precise and clean sounding loudspeaker, bringing you closer to the music with every beat.