Gain a deeper insight into your music

Our high-performance Katalyst DAC architecture performs the digital-to-analog conversion process with a high degree of accuracy and finesse.

With Katalyst, we have reached the absolute pinnacle of performance attainable while utilising trusted and high-quality 3rd-party chipsets.

Through relentless optimisation of the various critical processes adjacent to the DAC itself, we have produced a refined data optimisation stage; a highly accurate master clock; independent power supply wells; an low distortion output driver, and a high stability reference voltage level.

The latter is vitally important. At the point of creation, the delicate analog audio signal is particularly susceptible to even minuscule variations in the reference level, which would cause irreversible damage to the music — heard as distortion or noise.

Katalyst’s high-stability input reference level eliminates variations during analog signal creation, giving you deeper insight into your music.

Without Katalyst

Errors in any of the critical inputs result in the creation of a flawed analogue signal, with audible distortion.

With Katalyst

Errors are mitigated and the analog signal output has significantly lower distortion and noise.

Experience Katalyst

Katalyst is fitted as standard to Akubarik Exakt integrated loudspeakers and Akurate Exaktbox-I. It is also available as an upgrade for Akudorik Exakt integrated loudspeakers, Selekt DSM, Majik Exaktbox-I, and all aforementioned products. Please speak to your Linn Specialist for more details.