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Linn performance is driven by decades of research and innovation.

Explore the world of Linn Technology

Our advancements are part of our commitment to providing you with the best audio experience possible. Discover more about our groundbreaking and industry-leading technologies.

Organik DAC

Home-grown Organik DAC is our first ever all-Linn digital to analogue converter. Sitting at the heart of a new generation of Linn products, it enables our most natural sound ever.

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Our systems feature Exakt technology, which ensures the perfect time alignment of every part of every note, so now you can enjoy the same precise sound that was recorded by the artist.

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Space Optimisation

Space Optimisation removes the unwanted distorting effects of your listening environment to reveal the true sound of the music. So whatever speakers you use, and however you’ve designed your room, you’ll hear a performance that’s optimised uniquely for you.

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