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Hi-fi that simply sounds better.

A Linn system will change how you hear your music, revealing new details and bringing to you as close as you can get to the original recording.

At the heart of your home

Our products bring extraordinary music to every inch of your home and enable you and your family to control it with a computer, tablet or phone—and to keep the music flowing no matter who’s home.

Whether you’re with friends or with family, working in the den or dining in the kitchen, Linn brings music to wherever you want it in exceptional quality and without complications or clutter.

And it’s not just music. Bring our legendary audio quality to your entire home entertainment system. Movies, TV and video games have never sounded so real or so immersive.

Majik DSM

One box does it all. Just add speakers.

Series 3

Wireless. Peerless.

The best sounding wireless speaker in the world.

Linn Series 3 Speaker

Sondek LP12

The revolution continues.

45 years on, the LP12 is still the north star of record player design. A revolutionary icon that continues to evolve, and inspire.

Full systems.

A complete Linn system is optimised for superior sound quality, and designed for compatibility. Plug in any source, from your TV, to a turntable, or stream cloud-based digital audio. It will simply sound better.

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Whole home.

Linn systems integrate seamlessly out of the box, making multi-room setup a snitch. And to embed your music at an even deeper level throughout your home - including integrations with an existing smart home automation system such as Control4 - our Linn Whole Home Professional consultants are standing by to help.

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