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Selekt DSM

A tactile and beautiful listening experience that’s better in every sense. Fall in love with your music all over again.

‘The new Selekt DSM moves the game on yet again.’

Linn Selekt DSM
What Hi-Fi?

Why Linn DSM?

Space Optimisation

Every room has its own particular sound. But with a Linn network music player your room won't have such a big say in what you hear. Space Optimisation technology removes the distorting effects of your environment, revealing the true sound of your music.

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Control with anything

Every Linn network music player can be controlled by the things you already own. iPad or tablet. Smartphone or laptop. Even the humble remote control.

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Stream anything

No matter how you enjoy your music, we have it covered. From the convenience of Spotify and TuneIn to lossless streaming services such as TIDAL and Qobuz. Whether you Airplay from your iPad or you’ve ripped your CDs.

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Which one’s right for you?

Price & Performance
Majik DSM

Simply add speakers.

Selekt DSM

Choose the best fit for your system.

Akurate DSM

Performance and flexibility combined.

Klimax DSM

Seeking the best? Look no further.

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Find out exactly what our Linn DSM players can do. Book now and a Linn Specialist will walk you through just what makes a Linn so special and let you hear the difference for yourself.

Join us at an event

A Linn Event is a great way to experience Linn DSM in a relaxed setting, in the company of like-minded music lovers.

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