Experience the precise sound of every instrument

Natural sound needs perfect timing

When you listen to a Linn system, it’s striking just how natural it sounds. It’s as if you’re listening to the real musicians, right there in front of you. The most natural sound available can only be achieved with perfect timing.

When you hear an instrument being played live, the elements that make up every note—including all the harmonics—arrive at your ear at the same time.

Sounds simple, but the fact is that no speaker system has ever been able to synchronise these elements accurately: until now.

Our systems feature Exakt technology, which ensures the perfect time alignment of every part of every note, so now you can enjoy the same natural sound that was recorded by the artist.

Out of phase? We've phased that out.

All speakers with more than one drive unit have the same problem. Higher frequencies played by one drive unit always arrive at your ears before lower frequencies played by the other drive units, making them out of phase with each other.

This timing error is enough to distort the sound of each instrument, making it harder to experience the emotion of the music.

Building on our expertise in both digital music streaming and active speaker design, we’ve developed a completely new technology to solve this problem. Exakt delivers a linear phase performance across all the frequencies to ensure they arrive at your ear perfectly synchronised.

Without Exakt

The lower the frequency, the more it’s delayed as it passes through the crossover. This means the different frequencies that make up each note are no longer synchronised. When the music is recombined, it’s a flawed version of the original and the instruments are distorted.

With Exakt

Exakt delays the higher frequencies so they line up with the lower frequencies. When the music is recombined at your ear, the fundamental of each note and all the harmonics arrive perfectly in time, preserving the true character of each instrument.

Two ways to experience Exakt.

Whether you’re choosing a new music system, or want to upgrade your current one step by step, there’s an Exakt solution for you.

Complete speaker systems

Exakt technology is built-in to all our integrated speakers. Simply choose the look and performance level you want, and you’ll enjoy incredible performance from a simple, elegant package.

Hi-fi separates

Improve the performance of your system by adding an Exaktbox. Whether you’re upgrading from a Linn Aktiv system, or currently have passive speakers, Exaktbox provides the ultimate in performance and flexibility.

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Upgrading to Exakt with Linn Speakers

If you already own any of the speakers below, there's an Exakt upgrade for you. Linn's integrated Aktiv speakers can be fitted with Exakt modules, while a wide range of Linn and non-Linn speakers are compatible with our separate Exaktboxes.

If you’ve already upgraded your Linn speakers to Aktiv operation, the Exaktbox simply takes the place of the Aktiv cards or Tunebox in your separates system.

Linn Speakers Integrated Exakt Upgrade Exaktbox Compatible Exakt Channels Required
Akubarik Aktiv Akubarik Upgrade No N/A
Akubarik Passive No Yes 10
Akudorik Passive Dorik Stand Yes 8
212 Dorik Stand Yes 8
225 No Yes 4/5†
AV5140 No Yes 6
AV5120 No Yes 2/3†
Akurate 242 No Yes 10
Artikulat 350 Passive 350 Upgrade Yes 10*
Artikulat 350A 350 Upgrade No N/A
Ekwal No Yes 2/3*
Espek No Yes 6
Isobarik (PMS version) No Yes 6/8/12**
Kaber No Yes 6
Katan No Yes 4
Keilidh No Yes 4/6†
Keltik No Yes 6/8†
Klimax 350 Passive 350 Upgrade Yes 10*
Klimax 350A 350 Upgrade No N/A
Komri No Yes 10
Majik 109 No Yes 6
Majik 112 No Yes 3
Majik 140 No Yes 8
Majik Isobarik No Yes 8
Ninka No Yes 4/6†
Trikan No Yes 2
Sekrit IW10 No Yes 6

* Klimax and Artikulat 350 Passive require 10 Exakt channels but only 8 channels of amplification.

** Original 3-way Isobariks require 6 channels; 4-way and 6-way wiring is also supported, requiring 8 or 12 channels respectively.

† Single or bi-amp bass options.

Upgrading to Exakt with non-Linn Speakers

Non-Linn Speakers Conversion Kit Required†† Exaktbox Compatible Exakt Channels Required
Audium Comp 3 Yes Yes 4
Audium Comp 5 Yes Yes 4
Audium Comp 7 Yes Yes 4
Audium Comp 8 Yes Yes 4
Audium Comp 9 Yes Yes 4
BBW Nautilus™ No Yes 8
B&W 802 Diamond Yes Yes 6/8‡
JBL K2 S9900 Yes Yes 6
Kudos Super 10 No Yes 4
Kudos Super 20 No Yes 4
Kudos Titan 505 No Yes 4
Kudos Titan 606 No Yes 4
Kudos Titan 707 No Yes 4
Kudos Titan 808 No Yes 6
Manger P1 No Yes 4
PMC twenty.26 Yes Yes 6

†† Exakt conversion kits bypass the internal passive crossover and provide all the connections needed for Exakt operation

‡ B&W 802 Diamond can be wired 3-way (requires 6 channels) or 4-way (requires 8 channels)

Don't see your speakers listed here?

If you can't find your speakers listed here please tell us. We're adding new upgrade options all the time, so watch this space.