Klimax 350 Passive

Klimax 350 is Linn’s best passive speaker and provides both stunning performance out of the box, and the flexibility to upgrade to the ultimate system: Exakt.

Klimax 350 shares its acoustic design with both the Klimax Exakt 350 and Klimax 350A. This means mid and high frequencies are served with great precision and even dispersion, using Linn’s unique 3K Driver Array technology to house the mid, tweeter and supertweeter drive units. The Aktiv Servo Bass system precisely measures and auto-corrects its output to produce extremely accurate and musical bass.

The beautifully curved cabinet is hand-built by master craftsmen and forms an exceptionally rigid shell for the drive units to operate with minimised resonance. The plasma-cut stand, machined from a single piece of armour-grade steel, provides rock-solid stability, further minimising unwanted vibrations.

Upgrading Klimax 350 to Exakt is easy, with options to convert the speakers into the integrated Klimax Exakt 350, or build them into the ultimate Exakt system using Klimax Exakt Tuneboxes and Klimax amplification.

Finished by hand and available in a range of stunning finishes, including high gloss and over 200 bespoke colour options, Klimax 350 has the elegance to match its performance.

Klimax 350 Passive