Launch Event: Akurate Exakt (Don't Use)

Thursday 12th June 2014, 7:00pm Amstelveen, Netherlands KRIJTENBERG SOUND & VISION

The wait is over! You can now enjoy all the benefits of our ground-breaking Exakt technology with an Akurate system.

Join us at a launch event and discover how Akurate Exakt radically improves audio performance. Pushing the lossless digital path all the way to speaker, Exakt technology offers the purest source of music available and can be optimised for you and your home.

The Venue
KRIJTENBERG SOUND & VISION Krijtenberg Sound & Vision Bovenkerk Amstelveen Netherlands 1185 ZJ
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22nd November
Exakt Akudorik Launch Event

Sessions will run at 10am, 12pm and 2pm.

Launch Event - Exakt Akudorik
Amstelveen, Netherlands KRIJTENBERG SOUND & VISION 10:00

Join us for the launch of our new Akurate Exakt system featuring Exakt Akudorik loudspeakers. You’ll experience the outstanding performance delivered by this stunning work of engineering beauty.

The Exakt Akudorik is the first speaker of its kind. Its innovative stand design integrates Exakt technology into a compact speaker that will look and sound great in any room; eliminating distortion, correcting for variation between drive units & optimising performance for your room.

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