The Venue
HiFi Forum Falkoner Allè 98 Denmark 2000

Launch Event: Akubarik

30th January 2014, 6:00pm Frederiksberg, Denmark HiFi Forum

Join us to celebrate 40 years of Linn loudspeaker expertise, as we introduce Akubarik – the loudspeaker you’ve been waiting for.

Akubarik stands apart from the crowd - featuring a host of ground-breaking technical developments and incorporating key technologies from our reference Klimax loudspeaker.

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26th April
Vinyl Adikt Product Showcase

There will be sessions at 10:00 and 12:00.

Product Showcase - Vinyl Adikt
Frederiksberg, Denmark Hifi Forum 10:00

Are you a vinyl adikt? Or do you want to learn more about the longest surviving music format?

Join us as we celebrate the LP, listening to Linn’s iconic Sondek LP12 turntable. You’ll discover the craftsmanship involved in engineering the world’s best deck and experience the glory of vinyl music at its finest. You can even bring along some of your own favourite LPs on the day.

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