Linn Lounge: Led Zeppelin

Thursday 30th October 2014, 8:00pm Manchester, UK House Of Linn

Join us on a musical journey, listening to Led Zeppelin at their very best – on a Linn music system in Studio Master.

Driven by thunderous beats and blues-fuelled riffs, Zeppelin have gone down in legend as heavy-metal's greatest pioneers. You'll hear each of their songs exactly as they were recorded and discover the incredible legacy of one of rock music's greatest groups.

The Venue
House Of Linn 199 Bury New Road Manchester United Kingdom M45 6GE
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Majik Exaktbox-I Launch Event
Launch Event - Majik Exaktbox-I
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Join us for the launch of Majik Exaktbox-I and discover the ground-breaking performance Exakt can deliver to your current music system.

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