Linn Lounge: Led Zeppelin Day

Thursday 5th June 2014, 4:30pm Norwich, England Basically Sound

Join us for Linn Lounge presents Led Zeppelin and celebrate the release of their remastered back catalogue, listening on a Linn music system in Studio Master – the highest quality available, anywhere.

You’ll discover parts of the music you’ve never heard before as we uncover the incredible legacy of the band that redefined rock with sweat-drenched guitar riffs and manic cymbal crashes.

There will be two sessions at 16:30 and 19:00

The Venue
Basically Sound Calveley Court, Southburgh Road Reymerston Norwich England NR9 4QD
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18th February
Linn DS: Space Optimisation Launch Event

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Launch Event - Linn DS: Space Optimisation
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Come along and experience Linn DS for yourself – the ultimate network music player for your home, designed to deliver the highest quality audio and fit around your life.

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Basically Sound Calveley Court, Southburgh Road Reymerston Norfolk United Kingdom NR9 4QD More information & directions