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Selekt DSM
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Product Launch: Selekt DSM

Tuesday 6th November 2018, 18:00 TX, United States Audio Concepts Tickets Limited

Linn started making the iconic Sondek LP12 45 years ago. Its modularity and upgradable nature have been key to its enduring appeal.

Linn has now applied this concept to a brand new network music player: Selekt DSM. With different variants to choose from, Selekt DSM is designed to be configured by you, based on your existing system and how you listen to music. Every element has been designed and precision engineered to the highest quality in Linn’s factory in Glasgow.

Selekt DSM brings life to digital music, allowing you to fall in love with your favourite tracks all over again; it’s Hi-fi with the human touch.

We’ll start gathering around 6pm, and kick off the Selekt DSM presentation at 6:30pm.

We can’t wait for you to meet Selekt DSM.

The Venue
Audio Concepts 11661 Preston Rd
United States
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Selekt DSM
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TX, United States Audio Concepts 18:00
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