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The Playlist
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Music Event: The Playlist

Saturday 20th July 2019, 11:00 11:00 - 13:00, 14:00 - 16:00 Essex, UK The Audiobarn

Take your seats for an unmissable session of music featuring a selection of the world’s greatest-sounding tracks, presented on a hand-crafted, precision-engineered LINN music system. No matter the artist, no matter the genre, you will discover remarkable detail within each song, experiencing hidden complexities like never before. How good can music really sound? Join us to find out.

In this special vinyl-only edition of The Playlist, your ears will be in for a treat as we will be playing all tracks on our top of the range turntable, the Klimax Sondek LP12.

You will also have the opportunity to hear comparisons of Majik, Akurate and Klimax LP12s, demonstrating the performance improvements available at each level.

The Venue
The Audiobarn 2, The Threshing Barn
Feltimores Park
Chalk Lane, Old Harlow
United Kingdom
CM17 0PF
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The Playlist
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