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Visit Linn

Join us on a Linn Factory Tour and discover what it takes to make the world’s best music systems.

You’ll follow every step of a system’s creation in our purpose-built factory and experience the results in Linn Home, our unique demonstration facility.

Tours last for approximately 2 hours on the following dates (click on date below to book):

9th January 2020
13th February 2020
12th March 2020
9th April 2020
14th May 2020
9th July 2020
13th August 2020
10th September 2020
8th October 2020
12th November 2020
10th December 2020
14th January 2021
11th February 2021
11th March 2021

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Service & Support

Search for a shop to get expert help face-to-face and close to home.

No retailers near you? Get in touch direct for service, support and advice:

Linn Customer Support

UK Freephone: 0800 001 5111
International: +44 141 307 7777
Opening hours: Monday — Friday
8:30 am — 4:30 pm (UK)

USA & Canada

Support comes from our expert partners DW Labs

Phone: 716 896-9801
Opening hours: Monday – Friday
8:30 am – 4:30 pm (EDT)