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Exakt Akudorik

Part of our new Akurate Exakt System

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Majik System

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TIDAL Integration with Linn DS

Lossless music streaming service, TIDAL, is now seamlessly integrated into Linn DS players! And it gets even better; all owners can now enjoy a complimentary 60-day trial.

Experience lossless CD-quality streaming for yourself. You won’t look back! Read more …

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The Clash

Kazoo – it’s fun and easy to play

Try out Linn’s new control app on your iPad, PC or Mac. Download it now …

Linn Kazoo

After a decade away, the dynamic Scottish Ensemble is back

An ‘exceptionally lively’ Tchaikovsky Serenade and a premiere Shostakovich arrangement. Have a listen …

                                                    Scottish Ensemble – Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich for strings

How good is the Klimax Exakt System?

Don’t just take our word for it, read HiFi Critic’s review. They’ve just awarded it their highest accolade. Read on …

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