Grab the apps you need to control your player, manage your music and update your systems.

MacBook running Kinsky
Choose music and control your system

Select and play music on your Linn DS player using Linn’s Kinsky software.

Download Kinsky
Send sound from your computer

Send any audio from your computer to your Linn system and get better sound from your music services and from web pages. Available for Windows 7 and Mac OS X.

Download Songcast
A media server, without the complications

Songbox allows easy access to your iTunes library and other music services via your controller.

Download Songbox
Setup Wizard
Unpack and install your system

The Setup Wizard will walk you through the installation of your DSM system. Get up and running in no time.

Download Setup Wizard
Manage and update your system

Manage any Linn DS players on your network. Konfig provides access to advanced configuration settings and allows you to update your DS software (Konfig requires Mono)

3rd party software

A selection of compatible or recommended apps for controlling your Linn DS player, ripping CDs and managing your music collection.

Control and play music

Bubble DS
  • BubbleDSWorks with Android phone or tablet
  • CatwalkWorks with J.River Media Center
Leia DS
  • Leia DSWorks with Nokia phones and Windows/Linux
  • SkweezyDSWorks with Logitech's Squeeze products

Store and manage your music

Twonky Media Server Twonky Media Server

Stream your music collection to your Linn DS player

Asset uPNP Asset uPNP

Stream your music collection to your Linn DS player

MinimServer MinimServer

Stream your music collection to your Linn DS player

Ripping software

dBpoweramp CD ripper dBpoweramp CD ripper Rip your CDs quickly and accurately on a PC (discount for Linn DS owners)
XLD XLD Rip your CDs quickly and accurately on an Apple Mac