Akurate System

The performance choice for music lovers, the Akurate system combines beautiful styling with compelling sound quality. If you’re looking for a system that preserves every last musical detail, it has to be Akurate. Superbly engineered and built to exacting standards, re-ignite your passion for music with the Akurate system.

Featuring the Akurate DSM player and Akubarik loudspeakers, enjoy exceptional performance from a beautifully simple music system.

Akurate System

Akurate DSM

Rediscover your music collection with Akurate DSM, a digital music player which will re-ignite your passion for music.

Akurate DSM excels with any digital music, reproducing your favourite albums with exceptional dynamic range and musical detail. Choose your preferred phone or tablet to control your music and select from high quality internet radio stations and the latest online music services.

Housed in a stunning precision-engineered enclosure, Akurate DSM brings a level of elegance to your living area that matches the audio performance. With enough analogue and digital inputs to connect any audio source, it will also bring your movies, tv and games to life like never before.

Akurate DSM
  • Plays digital music over a standard Ethernet network
  • Built-in pre-amplifier with separate analogue and digital volume control circuits for each type of source
  • Streams internet radio, podcasts and 'listen again' broadcasts
  • Decodes FLAC, WAV, Apple Lossless (ALAC), MP3, WMA (except lossless), AIFF, AAC and OGG audio formats with up to 24-bit 192 kHz native sample rate
  • Songcast support allows synchronised playback of audio around the home
  • 14 inputs (Balanced (XLR), RCA Phono, HDMI, S/PDIF, Toslink) for connection and up-sampling of additional sources
  • Hybrid volume control for digital sources, combines coarse analogue attenuation with fine digital adjustment
  • Balanced (XLR) input, plus balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) outputs
  • HDMI, S/PDIF and TOSLINK inputs, plus HDMI pass-thru
  • Option to convert one analogue input to Phono (configurable to moving magnet or moving coil)
  • AUX input on front for easy connection of portable devices such as MP3 players
  • Linn Dynamik Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS)
  • Precision-engineered enclosure offers exceptional acoustic properties
  • Compatible with UPnP™ media servers and UPnP™ AV 1.0 control points

Any sources you connect to your DSM System via HDMI will sound better as they will benefit from the superior DAC and custom Linn up-sampling of the audio. Any video content on the HDMI signal will be passed through to the TV or output device connected via the HDMI out. Audio content will also be automatically passed through if the DSM is in Sleep mode.

With HDMI inputs, you can now play back SACD (Super Audio CD) and DVD-A (DVD Audio) discs by connecting the disc player to your DSM System. SACD content will be down-sampled to 176.4 K or 88.2 k and multi-channel audio down-mixed to stereo but this does allow high-quality playback of discs which cannot currently be ripped for streaming.

Signal paths have been reduced to a minimum by providing separate volume controls for analogue and digital sources. Analogue sources follow a pure analogue path through a conventional high-quality analogue volume control. Digital sources use a hybrid volume control that combines the best aspects of digital and analogue technology to maintain optimum performance even at low volume levels.

Date of introduction November 2011
Type Multi-source digital stream player with built in pre-amplifier
Dimensions (H) 80 mm x (W) 381 mm x (D) 355 mm
(H) 3.15 inches x (W) 15 inches x (D) 14 inches
Weight 5.8 kg / 12.9 lb
Mains supply voltage (auto ranging) 100–120 V ac (±10%) 50–60 Hz 200–240 V ac (±10%) 50–60 Hz
Fuse 250 V, T1.6 A (not user replaceable)
Power consumption Sleep 8 W (HDMI disabled)
Sleep 12 W (HDMI enabled)
Active 32 W (maximum)
Supported file types FLAC, Apple Lossless (ALAC), WAV, MP3, WMA (except lossless), AIFF,
Audio sample rates 7.35 k, 8 k, 11.025 k, 12 k, 14.7 k, 16 k, 22.05 k, 24 k,
29.4 k, 32 k, 44.1 k, 48 k, 88.2 k, 96 k, 176.4 k, 192 k
Word depths 16–24 bits
Control protocol Compatible with UPnP™ media servers,
UPnP™ AV 1.0 control points
Back Panel Connectors  
Analog inputs 1 x Balanced XLR (pair)
2 x RCA Phono (pair) *
* One RCA input is configurable as Phono, either Moving Magnet or Moving Coil
Analog outputs 1 x Balanced XLR (pair)
2 x RCA Phono (pair)
All outputs are volume controlled (i.e. suitable for direct connection to a power amplifier or active loudspeaker)
HDMI in 4 x HDMI Type A
HDMI out 1 x HDMI Type A
S/PDIF In 3 x RCA phono
S/PDIF Out 1 x RCA phono
Optical In 3 x TOSLINK (JIS F05)
Optical Out TOSLINK (JIS F05)
Ethernet 100Base-T RJ45
Front Panel Connectors  
Headphones 1 x 3.5 mm stereo jack
Auxiliary input 1 x 3.5 mm stereo jack
Input Electrical  
XLR inputs Input sensitivity: can be selected from 2 / 4 / 8 V RMS
Input impedance: 7.8 k Ω
RCA inputs (line-level) Input sensitivity: can be selected from 1 / 2 / 4 V RMS
Input impedance: 10 k Ω
RCA inputs (MC phono stage) Input impedance: 180 Ω / 10 nF
Max. Input Voltage: 5.0 mV @ 1 kHz (high gain setting)
Gain +64 dB @ 1 kHz (high gain setting)
+54 dB @ 1 kHz (low gain setting)
Signal-to-noise ratio: better than 90 dB
RCA inputs (MM phono stage) Input impedance: 47 k Ω / 68 pF
Max. Input Voltage: 70.0 mV @ 1 kHz (high gain setting)
Gain +40 dB @ 1 kHz (high gain setting)
Signal-to-noise ratio: better than 90 dB
S/PDIF inputs Nominal input voltage: 0.5 V RMS
Input impedance: 75 Ω
Auxiliary input Input sensitivity: can be selected from 0.5 / 1 / 2 V RMS
Input impedance: 10 k Ω
Output Electrical  
XLR outputs Max. output voltage: 4 V RMS (0 dBFS at vol. 80)
Output impedance: 600 Ω
RCA outputs Max. output voltage: 2 V RMS (0 dBFS at vol. 80)
Output impedance: 300 Ω
Headphone output Max. output voltage: 2 V RMS (0 dBFS at vol. 80)
Output impedance: < 2 Ω
Output current: 40 mA in Class-A
S/PDIF outputs Min. output voltage: 0.5 V RMS (when terminated with 75 Ω)
Output impedance 75 Ω
HDMI 4-input to 1-output HDMI 1.4 repeater
Analogue sources have an optional ‘direct’ path with analog volume control. All other sources and ‘non-direct’ analog sources use a hybrid volume control. Hybrid volume control combines coarse analogue attenuation with fine digital adjustment.
Analog volume control Gain range: - 80 dB to + 20 dB
Gain resolution: 1 dB
Hybrid volume control

Analog Attenuation        Selectable: 0 / -12 / -24 dB
Digital gain range:        -80db to +20dB
Digital gain resolution:  1dB

Audio Performance  
Line inputs THD+N: < 0.002 %
Dynamik range: > 110 dB
Pre-amplifier Gain range: - 80 dB to + 20 dB
Gain resolution: 1 dB
Unity gain volume: 0 dB = vol. 80

Akubarik Loudspeakers

Incorporating 40 years of Linn loudspeaker expertise, Akubarik combines a host of innovative technical developments and key technologies used in our reference Klimax system - delivering a new level of performance and simplicity. Experience exceptional stereo playback from everything you listen to at home.

As a fully integrated Aktiv loudspeaker, Akubarik incorporates on-board amplification and Aktiv analogue filters together on one circuit board. This allows for the shortest signal path, creating a performance that surpasses the traditional separates package of amplifier and speaker.

Akubarik uses an isobaric bass system, consisting of two bass drive units housed in the base of a beautifully curved and compact cabinet, letting you enjoy lots of rich, deep bass.

Available in a range of stunning finishes, Akubarik fits perfectly in every living space.

Klimax System
  • Aktiv analogue filters housed alongside the amps on one circuit board
  • Highly efficient Chakra power amplification fully integrated within cabinet
  • Linn Dynamik Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS)
  • 3K driver array for clean, pure high-frequency reproduction and flexible positioning
  • Isobarik bass system for rich, deep bass from a compact cabinet
  • High quality crossovers with precise phase alignment ensure accurate music reproduction across the full frequency range
  • Combine with Akurate DSM for a simple, high performance music system

The Akurate range has been designed to get the best sound from high definition music formats such as Studio Master downloads.

Akubarik is a fully integrated 5-way Aktiv loudspeaker, featuring an on-board amp module cleverly mounted on the back. This includes six channels of Chakra power amplification (two bridged for the isobaric bass system) as well as Aktiv analogue filters - all on one circuit board. This layout allows for the shortest signal path, eliminating interconnections and reducing noise to create the most optimized performance ability.

Powered by the latest Dynamik power supply, this loudspeaker is completely silent, offering efficient and passive cooling without the need for a fan.

Akubarik allows you to hear the same incredible level of detail throughout the room thanks to Linn’s 3K Driver Array technology. This produces a consistent single point sound source and improves high frequency response.

Discover lots of rich, deep bass with Akubarik’s isobaric bass system, which consists of two bass drive units positioned face-to-face and housed in the base of a beautifully curved, compact cabinet.

This attention to engineering detail means that, with the exception of our own Klimax range, loudspeakers don’t sound any more precise than this, bringing you closer to the music with every beat.

High grade real wood veneers are used throughout and are available in standard (Cherry, Black Ash, Rosenut, Oak, Walnut and White) or special high gloss finishes, including over 200 bespoke RAL colours to complement any living space. Akubarik can also be personalised with a choice of chrome or black finish 3K array.

Date of introduction May 2013
Type 5-way floor-standing integrated active loudspeaker
Dimensions (including stand) (H) 1050 x (W) 351 x (D) 450 mm
(H) 41.3 inches x (W) 13.8 inches x (D) 17.7 inches
Weight (including stand) 46 kg / 101 lb
Cabinet Volume 44 litres
Impedance 7.5k Ω
Frequency range (-3dB) 28 Hz – 20+ kHz
Connections Balanced XLR
Standard Finishes Black Ash, Cherry, Oak, Rosenut, Walnut, White
High Gloss Finishes Piano Black, Cherry, Oak, Rosenut, Walnut, White, plus over 200 RAL Classic Gloss colours (all except luminous colours: RAL 3026, 3024, 2007, 2005 and 1026)
Klimax System

Works with what you’ve already got

it’s easy to get started with a Linn system because it works with the products you already use every day. You’ll get better sound from your existing sources and you’ll be able to control your Linn using the mobile devices you already own.

Blu-ray, DVD, digital or satellite TV, Xbox, PS3 or Wii — connect them all and make everything sound better. Use your laptop, iPad, iPhone or Android device to browse your music library, choose albums and create playlists.


Let an expert take all the hassle out of setup. Get your Klimax system discreetly installed in your home and working perfectly with everything else. Put your feet up and let a Linn retailer take care of everything — it’s all part of the service and support is just a call away.

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