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Software & Downloads

Grab the apps you need to control your player, manage your music and update your systems.

Kazoo app on a laptop


Choose music and control your system

Use Linn’s latest control app to select and play music on your Linn DS/DSM.

Kazoo on iMac and tablet

Linn Kazoo offers a host of great features:

  • Edit and save playlists
  • Browse music by album art in ‘tile’ view
  • Play music from lossless streaming services including TIDAL, Qobuz and TuneIn Radio
  • Find music quickly using search*
  • Group rooms together and browse classical music by composer

Linn Kazoo is available for iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows and Mac.

*Searching your stored music collection requires Kazoo to be used in conjunction with Kazoo Server, MinimServer, or Twonky media servers.

Kazoo Server

A media server, without the complications

Kazoo Server allows easy access to your music collection, iTunes library and other music services via your controller.

Use Kazoo Server in conjunction with Kazoo to the get the best browsing experience, and access to functions such as search.

Kazoo Server replaces Linn’s Songbox and offers all the same functionality, plus scanning of local media independently of iTunes. Works with any Linn DS control app.

Available for Windows and Mac operating systems and QNAP NAS devices (Intel x86 versions).


Manage and update your system

Manage any Linn DS players on your network. Konfig provides access to advanced configuration settings and allows you to update your DS software.

Download Konfig

You can find downloads for unsupported software on our docs site.

Third-party software

A selection of compatible or recommended apps for controlling your Linn DS player, ripping CDs and managing your music collection.

Control and play music
Android logo BubbleDS

Works with Android phone or tablet

Ripping software
dBpoweramp icon dBpoweramp CD ripper

Rip your CDs quickly and accurately – available for PC and Mac

XLD icon XLD

Rip your CDs quickly and accurately on an Apple Mac

Store and manage your music
MinimServer icon MinimServer

Stream your music collection to your Linn DS player

Asset uPnP icon Asset uPNP

Stream your music collection to your Linn DS player

Twonky icon Twonky Media Server

Stream your music collection to your Linn DS player

Jamcast logo Jamcast

Streams music, podcasts, and internet radio to your Linn DS player