Linn’s Sondek LP12 turntable remains the standard by which all turntables are judged. The LP12’s modular, upgradeable design lets you create your own customised deck or choose from a range of complete, preconfigured options.

Complete Turntables

Klimax LP12

Linn’s highest performance turntable, preconfigured to Klimax specification using the best components available.

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Akurate LP12

With four key upgrades on board, an Akurate-level LP12 will transform your enjoyment of vinyl.

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Majik LP12

The perfect introduction to high performance vinyl playback.

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Limited Edition Sondek LP12

Linn’s highest performance turntable encased in a whisky wood plinth made from the solid oak casks in which Highland Park was matured.

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Turntable Components & Upgrades


Sondek LP12

Own the turntable that made hi-fi history and customise it to your preferred specification.

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Top of the range motor control unit that powers both the brushed DC motor (included) and Urika internal phono stage (where fitted). Available in Klimax or Akurate chassis to match your Linn system.

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A high precision, direct-coupled AC power supply for the LP12. Hear the difference a dedicated external power supply makes to your vinyl.

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Majik LP12 Integrated Power Supply

The entry level power supply for the Sondek LP12 is neatly built inside the deck and powers the standard AC motor.

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Machined from a solid billet of aluminium, Keel is a combined sub-chassis, armboard and collar, precision-engineered for minimal vibration and maximum musical performance from your LP12.

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With a machined aluminium armboard, Kore provides extra rigidity and removes unwanted damping – a significant upgrade from the standard LP12 sub-chassis and armboard.

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Standard LP12

The standard LP12 sub-chassis now features aluminium box construction and provides a rigid base for the platter and armboard.

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Aluminium base board with acoustic ‘suspension’ built into the feet to decouple the deck from unwanted vibration.

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Solid Base

The LP12’s entry level base board is now constructed from high quality aluminium for a solid, rigid platform.

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Ekos SE

Ekos SE is Linn’s flagship tonearm. Featuring a titanium arm tube and ultra-low friction bearings, it’s designed to extract the maximum information from your cherished vinyl collection.

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Improved since its introduction, the latest Akito benefited from the development of Ekos SE to produce a highly precise, smooth and quiet platform for your cartridge.

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Kandid is Linn’s best moving-coil cartridge, representing our continued commitment to the highest quality reproduction from vinyl recordings.

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The Klyde is a high performance moving-coil cartridge designed to retrieve more music from vinyl recordings.

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The Adikt moving-magnet cartridge is a great starting point for vinyl lovers seeking Linn-quality vinyl reproduction.

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Fitted inside the LP12 on its own suspended base board, Urika sets a new benchmark in phono stage performance. Powered by Radikal, it’s a formidable upgrade for your LP12.

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Uphorik combines performance and flexibility to produce a universal phono stage which can be truly optimised for all cartridges.

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